Faith And Leadership W/ Dr. William Clark

3 Ways to Become A Big Thinker



Thinking big is necessary for your nonprofit to sustain. Thinking big means to think beyond the moment and to focus your attention on what’s truly important. As the leader, you may focus your attention on core mission of the organization and in other cases, it may be on the future of the organization. Regardless of where you focus your attention, its vital to think big. Your team, stakeholders, and customers need you to be a big thinker. If you’re struggling with being or becoming a big thinker, below are three simple steps you can take to become the big thinker your organization needs. 1. Delegate with ease. By delegating tasks to members on your team, you a proving that you trust the people you hired or brought on the team as volunteers. If you struggle with delegating, you may be struggling with attachment issues or hired the wrong person. 2. Focus on tomorrow. As the leader, your job is to shape the “tomorrow” of the organization. As a result, the operations of today are placed in the hands of capable s