Faith And Leadership W/ Dr. William Clark

5 Key Factors to Being a Successful “Solo” #Nonprofit #Leader



There are a number of nonprofit organizations with one staff person. This applies to organizations that have recently launched and organizations that have been around for a while. The reasons some organizations have a lone employee vary from the lack of resources, to a strategic decision to have a single staff person, to attrition, and much more. Regardless of the reason your organization has a single employee, you still want to be successful. There are five key factors you need to keep in mind as you pursue success during your tenure as the “solo” leader. 1. Manage your time As the saying goes; time is money. It is important to remember that the operations of your organization depend on your dedication and availability. With that in mind, you must accept the fact that your time will be limited. As the leader of a startup, you must live in reality so you don’t waste your time doing things that will not benefit your organization. 2. Be patient with yourself Patience is the key to success in everything in