011 - Dr. Ian Howell explains lagless real-time online music making.



Dr. Ian Howell is a member of the voice faculty of the New England Conservatory of Music, where he also directs the graduate voice pedagogy program and coaches students in Baroque voice repertory. Dr. Howell's work explores the special psychoacoustics of the singing voice, with an eye toward practical applications for singers and voice teachers. Human senses interpret reality according to a dependable set of rules. These same senses also perceive greater detail once we internalize more precise labels and conceptual models. Dr. Howell’s work produces new aural/visual models that better characterise the perceptual qualities of sung vowels and voice registration. He unpacks and identifies the perceptually coherent components of a vowel, showing how absolute, objective labels apply to the relative scale of tonal brightness. Dr. Howell has presented original research at the Pan American Vocology Association's Symposium (2015, 2016), The National Association of Teachers of Singing's National Convention (2016), Harv