Critically Drinking

Episode 22- You'll Never Regret Having Done It



Lucy O’Connor is a lot of things, but more than anything she is human. Giving up a day job with an approved career path and a secure income is not a luxury that all of us can afford, but it’s exactly what she did. I know that running off to chase a dream is something that a lot of us fantasize about doing, but are afraid of the ramifications. Almost a year ago Lucy quit her 9-5 to chase her dream of working in a new field all the while documenting her story on her Monday Hustle website and associated social media accounts. Telling her story with honesty and humility is what has caused her to not only create a connection with her readers, it has helped her to create a space where reflections on victories can be celebrated right beside stories of the hard times. The creation of her public persona has actually served to bring her even closer to her family as she shares her feelings in real time with the world. Unfortunately, not every day has been fun. Being lonely, losing friends, and being responsible for cr