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Rob Max Executive Director of Sweet Relief changing Musician's lives



As any musician knows, the path to stardom is no easy task. The road can be full of sore backs from lugging heavy equipment, jeers from peers chanting "Get a real Job" and a retirement... oh wait...a retirement? What's that?  Tonight Rob Max Executive director of Sweet Relief Shines a light at the end of the tunnel for creatives by sharing their mission and the stories of some of the Artists whose lives have been impacted by the Support that they have received from Sweet Relief. Tonight we share the stories of popular musicians that have affected our lives who have come to find struggles at the end of their lives with diseases such as cancer, Lou Gehrigs disease, and Homelessness. Hard to believe but true... but there are things that we can do. Tonight: Sweet Relief is offering a rare treat to select listeners of the show. Listen and log in to your twitter account for details! Monica Today :)