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Gamers Discuss 001: Kids & Gaming



Download the MP3: Gamers Discuss Episode 1: Kids and Gaming Topics: - How old should kids start? - ESRB, rule or guideline. Is it effective? - Gaming as scapegoat when things go wrong. Is it the fault of games or the parent? - Gaming as a tool other than entertainment. - What was your experience with your parents and various regulated media? What the panel has been playing: Diablo 3, Grand Theft Auto IV with mods, Various Wii Titles, NBA 2k14, XCOM: Ememy Within DLC, and more. Panel: Marc - Host Website: www.2020Gamer.com Donald - Editor 2020 Gamer Website: www.2020Gamer.com Tanichea - Editor 2020 Gamer Website: TanicheaBlackstock.com & www.2020Gamer.com Laticia - Early Childhood Education writer for Examiner Website: Laticia Examiner Author Bio Page & Bookends Book Review Blog Subscribe to 2020Gamer here: Click to Subscribe AttachmentSize GamersDiscuss_001.mp355.83 MB