PSYCHIC SYNERGY SERIES : Psychic Readings and Lifestyle Coachings



THE PSYCHIC SYNERGY SERIES VOLUME 2Please join us once again for another great upcoming episode of The Psychic Synergy Series - Psychic readings and Psychological coachings!In this episode, our guest and brilliantly talented clairvoyant and healer Angela Zeyn will be joining us. Angela is a diversified innate healer and psychic, using hands on techniques such as massage therapy and Reiki, as well as her uncanny ability to read energy within. Her most special gift however, is being a clairaudient. A clairaudient has the capability to hear sounds and voices that are outside of the natural range of hearing. This form of psychic power enables a psychic or medium to converse with the supernatural and those who have died.We will be taking phone calls to get a few selected people on the program so that Angela can do some complimentary psychic readings - will that be you? Once those readings are completed, you will have the option to have Logan direct you in the right direction in your life using the best coaching te