Grey Muzzle Geekery's Podcast

Episode 073: Sea Scoundrels Singing Shanties



Welcome to Episode# 073 for January 31st, 2021!This week White and Red start with this week's news about a dinosaur footprint, the Sea Shanty, 'Wellerman' sung by Nathan Evans and the newest update to the game, 'Sea of Thieves'!Then we go into the 'Grey Muzzle Game Master' segment with our latest passion, 'Sea of Thieves' by Rare, and because we miss Disc Golfing so much, the board game 'Birdie' by Boda Brothers!Support us on Patreon!Watch us on Twitch!Like us on Facebook!         Follow us on Twitter!         Peek in on Instagram!       Chat with us on Discord!Subscribe to us on YouTube!