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"We likkle but we...." with @og.jayfay and @PlayWitRox



This episode is #EmPWR'd by @PlayWitRoxI am a Jamaican American or like my brother would say I’m a “yankee”. Lol my parents were born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica and came to the United States in the 80s? Yes that’s a question I have to ask them again, anyway @playwitrox (who sponsors @waseoffpodcast and is the creator of @loversplay2) and @og.jayfay a serial entrepreneur and creator of @royalhomekeepingllc & @innareallifepodcast) are fellow Jamaicans I met along my life journey. We discussed culture, why our culture is so popular, music, parties and more.Follow: G.Rox @playwitrox & @loversplay2             Jay Fay @royalhomekeepingllc                           @og.jayfay Want more #waseoff? https://linktr.ee/waseoffpodcast