Talking Tabletop

002: Talking with Kat Kuhl



Recap: Kat Kuhl is the host and GM of the Campaign podcast. She takes time to sit down with Jim and talk all things tabletop. Their conversation covers a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to: Watchman vs. Gundam Wing, the impact literature and storytelling has on her GM style, expressing emotion through tabletop role playing, and a full assortment of other nerd hobbies. Links: Campaign Podcast One Shot Podcast Show Notes: 2:59: Kat describes her first tabletop experience and ponders how there has not been a high school style RPG game made yet (one that does not involve monsters). 8:06: Kat talks about her literature background and how it came to influence her GMing style and the Campaign Podcast. 12:46: Kat and Jim talk about their love affair for some of the best stories of all time including Watchman and Gundam Wing. 16:10: Kat and Jim start to list all the nerd hobbies she has taken part in during her life. 21:39: Kat talks about how she got into being a GM and her gaming club in college. 2