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Olympic Beach Volleyball Stars Nadine Zumkehr & Simone Kuhn



  Yes, grab your shades, pack your beach-towel and your sun-tan lotion as we welcome Nadine and Simone to the show - Switzerlands Olympic beach volleyball team!   The Swiss national Olympic Beach Volleyball Team have trained together since  the 2009 season. In June 2012 Nadine and Simone claimed their first ever FIVB SWATCH World Tour gold medal, with a win over Sara Goller and Laura Ludwig in the final of the smart Grand Slam in Rome.   The Swiss pair found their rhythm early on, controlling the match from start to finish and claimed the gold medal with a 21-12 and 21-18 victory. “It is unbelievable,” Zumkehr said. “It definitely wasn’t easy. In the first set we served really, really well. It may have seemed easy, but we knew that they would come out in the second set and make it very hard and tough.    “That is how it was. We were behind and we knew that it would be a lot of work, but we believed in ourselves and served well.”   The pair also had success with tournament victory in the FIVB World Tour in Chi