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Erwin Rommel the Desert Fox



Erwin Rommel (due to propaganda by Goebbels) was considered a hero to both the allies and the axis. "Only Napoleon had made a comparable impression on the British" -BH Lidell Hart. The following are major eras in his life: * WWI: As a junior officer, Rommel became the youngest man to win the Pour le Merite (the most prestigious award in the German Army) for his actions at the Battle of Longarone. * Between the Wars: Rommel wrote Infantry Attacks and Tank Attacks. This greatly impressed Hitler, and eventually led to gaining more power in the Army. * WWII (France): Led the 7th Panzer Divison (also known as the Ghost Divison) in a mad dash towards the Atlantic in the initial battle to conquer France. * WWII (Africa): Led the Afrika Korps in roller coast campaign across north Africa, the southern flank of Europe. He was finally defeated at the Battle of El Alamein. * WWII (Atlantic Wall): Submitted a plan for the defense of Europe which was tragically disregarded by the German command. *