Military History Podcast

Non-Lethal Technology



Non-lethal technology has always been a goal of military strategists. It provides the same effect of killing without all the horrible consequences (ethical, tactical, etc.). For example, Joshua's capture of Jericho in the bible is a prime example of non-lethal technology. Now, we have various methods of non-lethal warfare, both anti-personell and anti-material. * Lasers: Used to give the illusion of imminent death * Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons: Disables all electronic equipment in a given radius * A weapon that "turns off" all guns in its vicinity * Insect Sex Pheromones: Attracts all nearby insects to infest a certain enclosure * Netgun: Fires a strong net to disable people or vehicles, also serves as an obstacle * Acoustics: Vibrations caused from sound waves have many devastating effects Read Future War by John B. Alexander for more information