No Apologies

No Apologies ep 398 He's Still A Man



The entire crew recorded last night We talked Gina Carano controversy . Justin Timberlake apologies Framing Britney Spears Juan Castro comic work Milestone comics CK loves Judas and The Black Messiah The guys are enjoying Wanda Vison Streaming wars In the tradition of Jackie Kennedy invented slide to the side . Rafael Sanz credits Josephine Baker for another great moment in history . Darrell Gil and CK reviews the recent Daredevil and DC future state comics as well as well as Batman Catwoman . Raf retro reviews Spider-Man Soul of the Hunter. And the season premiere of Black Lighting as well as creepy Josh Weadon. Its classic No Apologies podcast This podcast is sponsored by Discount Comic Book Services Instock Trades This podcast is part of the TaylorNetwork which is a home to many great podcasts all available on taylornetwork feed on Amazon Music, Spotify, iTunes, stitcher radio and also google play Don’t forget to support th