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Why Imagination is YOUR Superpower and How To Manifest Your Life with The Power of Imagination with Michael Sandler



Did you know you were taught not to imagine because imagination would set you free! Turns out day dreaming isn’t a bad thing, it’s a skill, and when you use that skill you become dangerous, unstoppable, because you rise above the tribe, and the tribe wants to keep you small, the tribe wants to keep you stuck, the tribe wants to keep the status quo!   You are not born for safety you are born for greatness and when you learn how to harness the power of your imagination the only limit to how far you can go are those in your mind! Today we’ll talk about harnessing this superpower, one that’s always been inside you just waiting to come out. You'll learn the keys to imagination and the most powerful secrets to imagination from the greats such as Napoleon Hill and Neville Goddard.   Plus we’ll do a powerful Manifestation Mediation! Are you ready to shine?   To find out more visit: - Order Michael Sandler's new book, "AWE, the Automatic Writing Experience"  ……. Follo