Tiffany Granath

Dr. Danoff Day



Get it ALL at Danoff is here to discuss his new book!The euphemisms, the fallacies, the misinformation. It's astounding how much men and women don't know about the penis, the medical and emotional causes of impotence, and how to maximize a man's performance and confidence in the bedroom. If you're ready for frank talk from an expert medical professional who's examined more than 200,000 men and their apparatuses, then the book from Dudley Danoff, MD, The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health, has the answers you need.In a entertaining yet educational manner, Dr. Danoff addresses the issues of erectile dysfunction, male physiology, diseases, the medical and emotional causes of impotence, the “magic blue pills,” the prostate, penis enlargement, and sexual satisfaction. With candor, eloquence, and a comforting family-doctor style, Dr. Danoff demystifies the penis once and for all.Dr. Danoff explains the complexity and mystery of the male anatomy; addresses the fears, fiction,