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Lady Gaga Chromatica, Graves Accusations, Wave Raises $30 mil, 90% of U.S Independent Venues Could Close, and more | Ep. 63



Welcome to Episode 63! This week's topics include a virtual event startup called Wave raising $30 million in their Series B, horrific accounts against Graves, and a new study reveals that 90% of independent U.S. venues are at risk of closing. We also discuss new releases from the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Abraxis (Seven Lions & Dimibio), Matroda, Skrybe x JOOL, Koos, CITYWLKR, and more.A major shoutout to this week's Artists We're Watching: KARIYAN (trip-hop, electronic) and AMAGNUS (future, electronic).If you want to see the full show notes - complete with links and playlists - head on over to, THANK YOU FOR TUNING IN. We couldn't do this without you!You can also show us some love on social media if you feel so inclined. Our Instagram is @btb.pod and our Twitter is @podbtb.If you want to make any formal inquiries, please send an email to