Adventure Gran Canaria

7 Sparkling Paradises for Treasure Hunting Shopping Queens in Gran Canaria



(c) Transcript: Gran Canaria isn’t famous for being a shopping paradise like Paris, Rome or Madrid. That’s because it isn’t a paradise for shopping. And as someone who loves spending hours shopping, you may be disappointed when walking around the resort’s shopping centers. I’m not saying you won’t find anything nice. But you’re probably in search for clothes that suit your home country’s weather conditions. Since there’s nothing similar to autumn or winter in the south of the island, you won’t get lucky there. Instead, take your car and drive up to the north. In the capital’s shopping centers, you will find all the popular brands that are well known in every bigger European city. Including fashionable winter clothes, because we freeze in temperatures below 20 degrees. Click through seven opportunities to spend a day out shopping in Gran Canaria