Adventure Gran Canaria

9 Delicious Canarian Foods You Won’t Get in the Tourist Resorts



(c) Transcript: Papas arrugadas. Mojo rojo, mojo verde and maybe mousse de gofio. These are the local foods most tourists in Gran Canaria know very well. What you probably don’t know is that the Canary Islands have around 100 different types of traditional dishes. Nobody knows about them, because you won’t get them in the tourist resorts. In most of the bars and restaurants in the touristic area, you can order a variety of tapas. For the most part, these aren’t Canarian. They are Spanish. So if you´re open to trying traditional food in Gran Canaria, you need to make the jump over the hotel’s fence and visit some locations where the locals eat. To find those places, ask a taxi driver or at your hotel’s reception. Huh, now it’s getting scary. Visiting a locals bar or restaurant seems like entering an old Western saloon, where immediately all the folks inside stop talking and start looking at