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The Miz on His New Game Show Cannonball, Rivalry With Daniel Bryan, John Morrison's WWE Return



The Miz talks about his new USA Network game show Cannonball and the latest on Miz & Mrs.' new season, his longstanding rivalry with Daniel Bryan and their Talking Smack altercation, feeling like he has more to do in his career, John Morrison's return to WWE revitalizing him, a possible Universal Championship run and more. 0:00: Intro 2:10: On getting the hosting gig for Cannonball, producers asking for Mike & not The Miz 4:31: On if he's run through the Cannonball course yet 6:43: On the show providing an escape for people during the lockdown and pandemic 8:22: On how the show treats the competition aspect seriously 10:12: On his UpUpDownDown Championship loss to Tyler Breeze 11:54: On feeling like he has more left to do in the ring, John Morrison revitalizing him, their songs 13:51: On feeling he had to prove himself early on in his career, if he's still fighting for that respect 14:51: On his longstanding rivalry with Daniel Bryan, their famous Talking Smack altercation 18:38: On his team with John Morris