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Zack Clayton on His AEW Dark Debut, Working with QT Marshall, AEW's COVID-19 Safety Measures



Zack Clayton talks about his recent debut for AEW against QT Marshall at AEW Dark, whether he's interested in working for other big companies, AEW's handling of safety during the pandemic, training under Johnny Rodz, and more. 0:00: Intro 1:36: On how his debut for AEW against QT Marshall came about, his experience working with Marshall 3:40: On Allie interfering in the match and whether it's a moral victory for him 4:07: On the reception to the match at AEW, whether he expects to get another opportunity to work there 4:35: On what the atmosphere was like in AEW, the roster being welcoming to him and the effect of the pandemic on wrestling 5:44: On working without an audience in attendance, making his AEW debut under those conditions, getting a shoutout from Taz on commentary 8:08: On what made him want to get into wrestling, being a fan as a kid, training with Johnny Rodz 9:22: On what his goals are, if he's looking to sign a long-term contract sometime soon 9:59: On AEW's handling of safety via the pandem