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CONTRA Unit's Josef Samael On MLW's DAZN Deal, The Art of Being a Heel, More



MLW star Josef Samael talks about MLW's new deal with DAZN and a possible MLW/ESPN deal, CONTRA Unit's goals in MLW, working with Jacob Fatu and his rise to the top of MLW, Court Bauer expanding MLW's distribution during the pandemic, the possibility of new members in the stable, the secret to generating heel heat and more. 0:00: Intro 1:35: On MLW's new deal with DAZN, what it means for MLW and CONTRA Unit 3:05: On Court Bauer expanding MLW's distribution during the pandemic 4:16: On the pandemic resulting in MLW's shutdown, feeling better than he has in some time and being ready for MLW's return 7:02: On CONTRA Unit holding the MLW World Title via Jacob Fatu, what statement it makes for the group 9:04: On if CONTRA Unit will be targeting the Von Erichs and MLW Tag Team Titles 9:45: On his combat style, CONTRA Unit having more yet to reveal 10:52: On Jacob Fatu's growth and rise to the top of the MLW roster 11:48: On the possibility of an MLW/ESPN deal and the prospect of bringing CONTRA Unit to ESPN 13:34: