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Jay Bradley On the Chaos Of His TNA Run, What the 'WWE Style' of Wrestling Means And More



OVW's Jay Bradley talks working with Al Snow and serving as a trainer in OVW, what bad habits he often has to try and train talent out of, his recollection of the chaos during the Billy Corgan and Dixie Carter power struggle in TNA, the "WWE style" of wrestling, learning from Ace Steel and others in Steel Domain Wrestling, how the pandemic is likely to impact the industry, and more. 0:00: Intro 1:56: On how he's handling and feeling about the pandemic shutting down wrestling 5:11: On OVW's shutdown and how the promotion is weathering the storm 8:49: On what drew him to the wrestling business 13:14: On learning from Ace Steel and more at the the Steel Domain Wrestling school 15:49: On what comprises the "WWE style" of wrestling and the myths around it 20:30: On working around the world, learning from every different region, understanding each area's style and how to your own talents to it 23:37: On the chaotic power struggle between Billy Corgan and Dixie and how the company has rebuilt itself 28:47: On Bill