Theonerd Podcast

27: Philosophy of Games (& Chipmunk Voices)



Your humble co-hosts apologize for their voices in this episode. We're not sure what happened, but we sound like chipmunks whose voices skip. But don't let that stop you from listening. We finally got a philosopher of games, C. Thi Nguyen, on this show about philosophy, theology, and nerd culture. He does most of the talking, and his audio sounds great! We talk video games, board games, the very concept of play, and even a little food writing. It is an accessible wide-ranging conversation. C. Thi Nguyen teaches at Utah Valley University He also has a personal website that contains resources on the philosophy of games Addiction by Design by Natasha Dow Schüll The Grasshopper by Bernard Suits Thanks to Bright Primate for our intro and outro music. You can find them at