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Does Your Church Require Masks? - Church vs. State on Masks



The number of Americans attending church last month-a dismal 17-, down from 49- ten years ago. The Scriptures are extremely serious about the importance of attending church. But, must the church follow through on a mask mandate- We encourage pastors and church leaders to make the call, considering the elderly, considering Christian liberty, and considering the data related to masks. But what if you fall on the wrong side of the mask issue with your local church- We encourage you to dig into the more substantial issues-and increase in courage, faith, and love, and pray that the Holy Spirit returns to the churches. --This program includes- --1. The World View in 5 Minutes with Adam McManus -Canadian pastor orders COVID Tyrants out of Easter service, Senator Warnock- -We are able to save ourselves.-, Major League Baseball punishes Georgia for election integrity law---2. Generations with Kevin Swanson