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Melanie Ensign Doesn’t like Clubhouse, Press Releases & FUDー & Neither Should You



Communications professionals are often quiet coaches. They work their magic behind the scenes. They hold their opinions tightly and express them infrequently. In short, their influence is everywhere but their fingerprints are often invisible.Melanie Ensign is having none of that. And we’re all the better for it. In this 64 minute interview, you’ll have the pleasure of meeting one of the most influential and outspoken communications executives in the world of cybersecurity and privacy. We begin with her role as press department lead for DEFCON, a role she’s held for 8 years and explains is that exact inverse of what you think it is.In our next topic, Melanie breaks out the verbal chainsaw and applies it with vigor to the voice-based social network Clubhouse. From privacy mistakes to seeming indifference to community feedback on the topic, she explains in detail why she recommends her clients (and anyone else) avoid Clubhouse until they clean up their act.The remainder of the conversation is a mini-master class