Beyond The Beats: Edm News And Culture

The New Roaring 20s, Overrated Aspects of EDM, EDC Vegas 2021, New Martin Garrix, and more | Ep. 95



Will this decade be the 'new' roaring 20s for club culture? The most overrated aspects of EDM. EDCLV is happening in May! New music drops from the likes of Martin Garrix's side project with Maejor - AREA21, Liquid Stranger, Elohim and GRiZ, MiTiS and Bella Renee, and Kyle Watson.A special shoutout to this week's Artists We're Watching: Panteros666, and Aktive.Get the full show notes on our websiteFollow us on Instagram: @btb.pod; Facebook; Twitter: @podbtb; Soundcloud.Special thanks to Tyler Lawrence for creating our 2021 intro song. Check out his Beyond the Beats Profile Page // Instagram // Spotify.