Shout Louder Punk Podcast

S3 E4: COVID-19 Drunkcast with Josh Sumner (Fair Do's)



In an effort to bring some light to your locked-down lives, we've recorded an absolute shambling train wreck of a podcast for your entertainment. Josh plays bass in Fair Do's, takes excellent live music photographs under the moniker Cold Front Photography, and is an integral part of the Shout Louder operation behind the scenes. He's also not usually allowed near microphones for reasons that will become immediately obvious. Full of in jokes and with almost no relevance to music whatsoever, we run the verbal gamut of mental health, technology, hygiene, elephants and shitting in salad bowls. We hope that this bonus episode will bring some relief from the lockdown, the coughing and daily enforced viewings of Boris Johnson's droopy mug. Apologies in advance for everything you're about to hear. The Shout Louder podcast has been active behind the scenes, and we promise we'll have some more real, proper, actual episodes for you in the near future. The song featured at the end of the podcast is Candleman by Fair