Shout Louder Punk Podcast

S2 E5: Tree from Manchester Punk Festival



As DIY giants Manchester Punk Festival have just announced the first installment of their 2019 line-up, we thought it was time for Ian 'Tree' Robinson to join us on the podcast. Tree's a staple of the Northern punk scene, known for booking regular gigs through the Anarchistic Undertones collective and tours via AU Tour Booking. He's got years of experience in DIY bookings, plus a Northern attitude that makes him quite an entertaining guest. We discuss Manchester Punk Festival's changes, what he's learned from 10 years of booking punk shows and some of our current favourite bands and labels. We also talk about Propagandhi. A lot. P.S. The star of tonight's show is our cover model, Bernie, who you can follow on Instagram @dci_burnside. These are the tunes we played: - Main Line 10 - Attitudes - Incisions - War In Your Head - Misantropic - Man Into Beast - Misgivings - Call It Off - Fair Do's - Candleman For more info head to