Out Da Box Talks

Episode 65 (Armand Hammer Interview)



In this Episode 65 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks in depth with Emcees "billy woods" and "ELUCID" aka "Armand Hammer" about how they got their start in pursuing music, to meeting each other and collaborating and coming up with the name "Armand Hammer" as well. The duo also delve deep into the subjects of their Brand New Album "Haram" with Producer Extraordinaire "The Alchemist", how the collaboration came to be and his involvement as producer.  We also talk about a number of the tracks featured on the album, and woods and ELUCID share insight on some of the lyrics and themes happening on the project.  As the interview develops, Cril takes the time to also speak to the group about their successful 2020 LP "Shrines" as well as some of the lyrics and themes taking place on that project as well.  This is a very in depth interview and really hones in to the music of the "Haram Album" as well as 2020's Shrines Album.  I believe true fans of Armand Hammer will appreciate this interview and