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Dark Side of The Ring Creators On Season 3, Brian Pillman & Ultimate Warrior Episodes, More



Producer/co-creator Evan Husney and director/co-creator Jason Eisener talk about the third season of their VICE TV docuseries, the episodes on Brian Pillman and Ultimate Warrior, possible season four episodes, doing the season during the pandemic, and more. Introduction (0:00) On treating the darkest stories like Owen Hart and Chris Benoit with gravity and avoiding sensationalism (1:16) On getting 14 episodes for season three and approaching that challenge (4:47) On putting the season together and producing it amid the challenges of the pandemic (7:30) On the Brian Pillman episode and Brian Pillman Jr.'s involvement (9:06) On their approach to the Ultimate Warrior episode and what to expect from it (12:14) On if they have any ideas for a possible season four and what topic they want to cover (15:15) Outro (18:33)