Fare Of The Free Child

Ep 218: (Pt 3) Black Folks in Montessori Education



On Episode 218 we’re sharing snippets from our Feel Trip recap with Amelia Allen Sherwood (Montessori and Anti-bias | Anti-racism Educator at Elm City Montessori School and founder of Sankofa Learning Center) and fellow unschooling organizer,  Tiersa McQueen. Amelia shares her perspective on the Montessori method and describes it as a tool in which we can decolonize processes and honor our children. We discuss the need to continue to question everything related to schooling, and to nurture ideas that improve autonomy-building, community care, partnership and trust-building. Listen and watch the full conversation here.In case you haven’t listened to the previous components of this three-part flow, here’s Episode 216: Exploring Black Lived Montessori Experiences, and Episode 217: Black folks in Montessori (Pt 2) where our listeners shared their feedback.  Make sure you don’t miss any of our feel trip invitations by joining our podcast village.As you listen, you’ll hear Akilah notes the reality that most educati