My First Podcast

Tell It Like It Is Program - Hosted by Apostle Dr. Bacer J. Baker with Special guests Apostle Maritony Yamot and Michael Hill “Doing business in THE KINGDOM”



“You’re not trying to run it the way that the world, or the religious church runs business. You’re running it the way of THE KINGDOM because you know that The King is the one that’s going to take care of you... It’s righteousness, it’s peace, and it’s joy, and wherever you go, you carry that. Whether it’s in the hospital, whether it’s in your job, whatever it is. If all of those things, if turmoil continues, whether it continues in your business, continues in your job, continues wherever it is that you are, then you’re not a kingdom citizen. You’re not operating in the truth of THE KINGDOM. You have not accepted GOD as your King.” Original Broadcast on Facebook Live More Than Enough Ministries on Facebook Astounding Love! A Global Church Fellowship on Facebook Astounding Love (MTEMINC) More Than Enough Ministries 1914 Trade Zone Boulevard San Jose, California 95131 (408) 945-4439: