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290 - Corrupted Blood, The World Of Warcraft Pandemic



In 2005, World Of Warcraft was rocked by an unforeseen virtual pandemic. An infectious illness meant players started dropping like flies, and chaos reigned. Cited as an example of how the world might react to a real pandemic, how does it compare to the world we find ourselves living in?Come to our live screening of The Mummy + Live Frasing The Bar on September 10’s New Show, The Beer Pioneer: Support the show and get rewards like bonus episodes: Buy tickets to our streamed shows (there are 12 available to watch now! All with exclusive extra sections): Check out our AACTA nominated web series:​ Submit a topic idea directly to the hat: Twitter: @DoGoOnPodInstagram: @DoGoOnPodFacebook: us: Check out our other podcasts:Book Cheat: https