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MTS 08: Writing through trauma & redefining identity with Matt Young



In this episode I talk with Matt Young, one of Under the Gum Tree's previous contributors. Matt is a marine veteran, writer, and teacher. He lives in Olympia, Washington where he teaches at Central College. He holds an MA in creative writing from Miami University. His work can be found in Yemassee, Word Riot, Tin House, River Teeth, and others. His essay "Equal and Opposite" appears in the July 2016 issue of Under the Gum Tree. His memoir Eat the Apple comes out in February 2018. In this episode we talk about: How Matt came to writing after his military career Navigating the often conflicting identities of being both a war veteran and a writer Dealing with re-traumatization when writing memoir Different types of reactions Matt experiences to his military stories Matt's new memoir Eat the Apple, which will be published February 2018 and available for preorder now Visit Matt online at or on Twitter at @young_em_see Visit us online at and visit Un