Fare Of The Free Child

Ep 219: All In My Feelings About Family Meetings



In this week’s #fofcpod episode, you’ll hear the first part of a conversation that sprunt up after a family meeting Akilah, Kris, Marley, and Sage had earlier this year. Akilah is calling this episode an “all in my” situation because she sees herself as being all up in her feelings (and fully accepting the presence of those feelings) while she’s unlearning the power-over dynamic. For sure, this conversation comes from a vulnerable and intimate space, and it felt important to Akilah and Kris to share the raw feelings without trying to offer “solutions” to resolving them. Kris and Akilah point out the importance of healthy communication, change, boundaries, process, and practice. They also discuss the levels of involvement and the struggle that we might face when we want to be held accountable and supportive. What does support look like as you grow together?They talk about the layers that come with a process and the practices around recognition and listening. It’s important to be able to think beyond our reacti