Out Da Box Talks

Episode 72 (Eloh Kush & Ras Beats Interview)



In this Out Da Box Talks Episode 72 of Out Da Box Talks, host Cril talks with Emcee "Eloh Kush" and Producer "Ras Beats" about how they came together to collaborate, their dope new project "The Law Of Least Effort", the inspiration for the album, the production approach, also some of the lyrics, subject matter and themes expressed on the album.  The interview gives good insight into the two artists creative approach to their music, but also focuses primarily on The Law Of Least Effort project, so definitely feel encouraged to go check out the album either before or after this interview to get an even more enhanced appreciation for the interview. Enjoy! Watch Episode on Youtube Out Da Box TV Channel https://youtu.be/f9MAhbPyL2A Become an Out Da Box Media Patreon Subscriber https://www.patreon.com/outdaboxmedia (Get exclusive Interview Clips and more) Get Out Da Box Media Merch (T Shirts, Sweaters, Snapback Hats etc.) https://outdaboxmedia.bigcartel.com/ Donate to Out Da Box Media https://www.paypal.com/pa