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Love Your Minutes with Monchiere ' Holmes-Jones



Hello friends! Love Your Minutes with Monchiere’ Holmes-Jones It’s always good to catch up with Xavierites who are killing it in their profession.  As many of us work on building our professional brand, because clearly it #essential in today’s workplace, marketing is so important.  Listen in to this episode as we get personal with maven of MOJO Marketing Monchiere’ Holmes-Jones! You will learn: What a marketing agency does Amplifying Vaccine Readiness Her journey from Avondale, LA to Xavier to Nashville, TN Brand Strategizing and Brand Experience Her personal healthcare journey How to Love Your Minutes Links: https://www.mojomktg.com/ https://news.uthsc.edu/tag/tennessee-community-engagement-alliance-ceal/ https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=764827587753670&id=106226084753785 https://www.xula.edu About our guest: Monchiere' Holmes-Jones is known for amplifying brands from brand strategy to brand experience. Monchiere's seasoned 17 years of experience in a blend of advertising agency and in-h