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Episode 08: David Ryan, Reinventure.org



David Ryan is a Philadelphia-based father of two who blogs about his experiences and renewed lease on life after a divorce that he "did not see coming".  From the deep despair that followed the sudden change, he used exercise and routine as his path to recovery and a return to a purpose driven life. Rediscovering along the way parts of himself that had been dormant for many years.  He now wants to serve others by sharing his insights, creativity and compassion with those who are looking for guidance and connection after their own life-altering experience. In this episode we talk about the plans Dave has with his growing blog and community at Reinventure.org and share some valuable insights as the conversation unfolds. We also talk about the role that an attitude of gratitude plays in staying positive everyday.   More details about this episode and resources mentioned within can be found at the Out Of The Blue website, www.outoftheblue.media/08     Orginal theme music: The Buckminster Project