Bibliophiles Anonymous

Bibliophiles Anonymous #36 - We're Annoyed



In this episode of Bibliophiles Anonymous, Denise and Jess talk about their favorite, and not so favorite book pet peeves. Jess tends to get annoyed by the way people handle books, whereas Denise's peeves are more writing oriented. Next week will be the next book club book at the Mallorean Tavern - Arrows of the Queen by Mercedes Lackey. Discussion at the Tavern starts June 15th. Want to join in on this and other topics? Email us at, leave comments at our official website ( or follow us on Twitter @BibAnonPodcast. You can also find our hosts there - Denise is @lifewithnoplot and Jess is @seeress_of_kell. Thanks for listening! Please rate, review and subscribe!