Grey Muzzle Geekery's Podcast

Episode 079: His Name Is Cringer



Welcome to Episode# 079 for June 3rd, 2021!This months Battle Cry goes out to our Patreon Supporters!Bada, Chad, Chris, Clay, Delaron, Donna, FluffyBristle, Jamie, Joe, Matt, Nick, Orion, Redcoat, Ryan, SilverGatomon, & Travis!Check out some of our Friends of the Show!Convergence LARPTo Improve Your DayValborughHood & Dagger GamingQuack Quack HonkThe Geek AwakensTv's TravisPepper CoyoteThis week Red starts off with another "Red's Rapid Report!" before White gets on with the Real News about Pizza Hut and Masters of the Universe!Then we get into 'Grey Muzzle Game Masters' as Red has been giving Biomutant a shot and has a few things to say about it!Support us on Patreon!Watch us on Twitch!Like us on Facebook!         Follow us on Twitter!         Peek in on Instagram!       Chat with us on Discord!Subscribe to us on YouTube!