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351 - Triple Dip 51 - Boys Run the Riot, Even Though We’re Adults, I Think Our Son Is Gay



For our second week of Pride Month Spectacular, we’re doing a LGBTQ+ themed Triple Dip! We’ll be looking at the first volumes of Boys Run the Riot, Even Though We’re Adults, and I Think Our Son Is Gay! Also Darfox finally read Perfect World and dakazu learned about real Japanese communal bath houses in Nyuuyoku Yankees!!! Send us emails! Follow us on Twitter! @mangamacpodcast Check out our website! Check out our tumblr! Join our Discord! Timestamps: 00:00:00 - Intro Song: “Massara” by KANA-BOON from Sarazanmai, Opening, Introductions, The oxymoron of Death Stranding Director’s Cut 00:02:20 - Listener Email: Appreciation for reviewing Amazing Agent Luna 00:07:29 - Whatchu Been Reading: Transition Song: Dragon Ball Z OST “Prologue”, Darfox read Perfect World and discusses the use of disability in fictional entertainment 00:21:48 - Volume 5 of Chainsaw Man hypes up Darfox for the rest of