Fare Of The Free Child

Ep 224: Deschooling Adulthood with Tony Galloway



First, a special Thank You to all of the people that have contributed to translate Raising Free People book to Spanish, we’re almost there! / Gracias a quienes han colaborado para traducir el libro Raising Free People al idioma Español, ¡ya casi llegamos a la meta!--Welcome to Anthony “Tony” Galloway, Jr’s second Fare of the Free Man Child episode. Missed the first episode? We gotchu... Episode 215: Fare of the Free Man Child (A Tony Galloway Ting). Tony is co-founder, director, and facilitator of The Heartwood School, a local (Atlanta) Agile Learning Center, and one of our Presence Counselors at Raising Free People Network.On this episode, Tony covers the topic of childhood and adulthood from the perspectives of how childhood and adulthood coexisthow adults tend to relate to childrenhow parent-child relationships change over timethe importance of nurturing emotional intelligencehonoring and cherishing childhoodHe goes on to offer insights and reflections on how childhood and adult-child dynamics play out in