New Solo

A Listener's Guide to the New Solo Back Catalog



Guest: Dean Blachford just hanged his solo shingle eight weeks ago. But he didn’t jump into solo practice blind. Instead, he reviewed New Solo’s back catalog and sought advice from host Adriana Linares. He joins Linares to share his crash course on striking out on his own. Five Categories of Must-Listen Episodes:  5) Inspirations from famous people What New Solos can Learn from Han Solo New Trends in Practice Management Implementing the Right Processes with Ernie Svenson 4) Building a marketing plan  Back to Basics: Smart Marketing for New Solos – Part 1 Back to Basics: Smart Marketing for Solos Part 2 From Clicks to Clients: The Law Firm Marketing Funnel Explained CRM: Using Client Relationship Management in Your Law Firm CRM Value: How Lawmatics Enhances Client Experience Up Your Marketing Game with Newsletters 3) Planning for proper financial management Money Management 101 for Solo and Small Firm Professionals Oh, The Messes We See 2) Nailing down a collections strategy Marco Brown’s Ei