Fare Of The Free Child

Ep. 225: Deschooling Our Marriage (Pt 1)



This week on #fofcpod: We are now all up in Part 1 of this 3-part season finale flow! Listen to this insightful conversation between Akilah, her partner Kris, and their oldest daughter, Marley. They process their feelings out loud about how trust, language, and "destinations" help us move from performance and fake-assness over to practicing authenticity and partnership in our relationships. Stay tuned for our Feel Trip with Kris and Akilah on July 6, 8:30 pm EST. Make sure you don’t miss any of our Feel Trip invitations by joining our podcast village. Here are some of the gem-drops you’ll hear:Trust happens over time.Akilah and Kris share their experiences with relationship-building and how many of the normalized processes and practices in marriage leave us with dynamics that have prefabricated structures around marriage role models that don’t fit actual people in real life. They also point out the ways that we replicate these roles and expectations without taking into account the quality of the rel