Fare Of The Free Child

Ep 210: What to Expect in Season 6 (Invitations, Feedback, & Feel Trips)



Welcome back! Today, As promised, you’ll get all the details on how we'll be flowing in this new season on Fare of the Free Child Podcast. Season 6 will be filled with practice tools and liberation content related to the ways we are building community. Our community is part of My Reflection Matters, come through and join us in Fare of the Free Child Village.Put these important dates on your calendar:March 24: A live session with unschooling mama and advocate, Tiersa McQueen, to talk about the difference between process and practice.March 27: You’ll hear a replay (or a recap) of our live session with Tiersa here on the podcast!.March 31: Launching of Season 6!  Three Part FlowEvery conversation will get three full episodes, Akilah is slowing it down to go deep in every topic.Part I (INVITATIONS)Here Akilah will be having a conversation about the main topic either with guests or solo.Part II (FEEDBACK)The following week we’ll be hearing community feedback, other people's opinions, questions, resources