The Gospel Pt. 2



Check out our Weekly Viewpoint ► Find us on Instagram ► Find us on YouTube ► A seasoned theologian and professor has noted, “It seems that in a lot of conversations, even with Christ-followers, that there is a wide array of concepts or understandings, some weird and wonderful, of what the “Gospel” really is.  What is it that makes it such good news?  And if it really is such life-changing good news, why do so many of us struggle intensely with sharing our faith with others?  Could it be we have a myopic, possibly even unbiblical view of the “Good News of Christ”?  What should the Gospel look like, fleshed out in the lives we live?   Sometimes reminding ourselves of what might be considered ‘the basics’ is more necessary and beneficial than one might imagine.”   So in this teaching series we are going to look at how God’s Word defines “the Gospel”, the central message that we are to declare and