Fare Of The Free Child

Ep 227: Feel Trip Replay | Deschooling Our Marriage



We’re so excited to share our Feel Trip recap and final episode of Season Six. We will be playing some snippets from a live conversation that Akilah and Kris had with some of our listeners and Make It Happen Family members. They reflect on trust, language, destination peddling (nope, that ain’t a typo), and how all of those things affect our most important relationships. They also chat about the opportunities for facing and resolving our struggles with attachments. Watch the video of the entire convo on our Youtube Channel. Raising Free People Está Disponible en Español!Shout out to the 25 people who helped us reach our goal, because now Raising Free People will be available in Spanish too! As soon as we get more info we’ll let you know, for sure, but in the meantime, some members of the translation team put together a superdope Spotify playlist you can vibe to! Check it: Raising Free People en Español.Thank you so much for joining us on this amazing journey so far! For Season 7, we will stay on our three-par