Fare Of The Free Child

Ep 226: (Feedback) Deschooling Our Marriage



It’s the second-to-last episode of  Season Six, and today we’re going back in time to our Season One intro while we reminisce for a bit. Later this week, on July 10th we’ll play a clip from Episode 0 to celebrate our 5th anniversary! Today though, you’ll hear what some of our listeners had to say about last week’s episode Episode 225: Deschooling Our Marriage (Pt 1) and about Episode 224: Deschooling Adulthood with Tony Galloway. And one listener, Dani McClain has a great book you should check out titled We Live for the We.4 things happening in-between seasons Tweenisodes (episodes in-between seasons)Card deck playdates Newsletter “The Monthly Sevens”Raising Free People Workshop 2021!! Tune in this Saturday for our finale episode, 227, to hear clips from our feel trip with Kris and Akilah. and members of our Make it Happen Family. Make sure you don’t miss any of our Feel Trip invitations by joining our podcast village.LIBERATION WALKWe are so excited to share with you that we reached our goal! Thanks to all o