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298 - The Disappearing Parliamentarians (Lord Lucan & John Stonehouse)



In 1974, two members of the Parliament of the United Kingdom DISAPPEARED! The first, Lord Lucan lived the high life, and was seen as a real life James Bond. He was also accused of murder. The other, John Stonehouse was in financial ruin after being accused of spying on his country. Within 12 days of each other, both men vanished. So what the hell happened to them?Get a ticket to our 300th episode live stream, Saturday July 10: tickets to be in our 300th episode live studio audience: Get a ticket to our show at the Great Australian Podcast Festival on Nov 6: tickets to Matt's Live Taping at Stupid Old Studios (and shows in Adelaide and Brisbane): Support the show and get rewards like bonus episodes: tickets for our screening of The Mummy on September 10: tick